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GO LOCAL, SAVE MONEY. A leading electronic payment processor, Silver State Payments is the choice for businesses for over 10-years.

Silver State specializes in giving new and existing businesses low-cost credit card processing services, and top-of-the-line electronic payment hardware and software. Using our comprehensive “point-by-point” rates and fees evaluation, we will help your business pay less for credit card processing service.

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Who We are

For over 10 years, Silver State Payments has been providing top-notch electronic payment processing services to thousands of merchants in Nevada and the United States. We process billions of dollars in transactions annually and are committed to providing direct, one-on-one support through our local offices in Las Vegas and Reno. Learn how going local can save you money on all of your electronic payment processing needs.

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What We Do

When you choose Silver State Payments, you will receive competitive rates from a local provider with the most dependable credit card processing service available in the Nevada market. At the end of the month you will see savings in your statements and have the peace of mind that someone local will always be there to assist you.

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How to Avoid Non-Qualified Fees on your Merchant Account by Eliminating Merchant Account Batch Downgrades Ask the typical consumer how credit card information is transmitted, and chances are you will receive a curious look in response. Merchants, however, know that credit card processing is a series of events: authorization, batch, settlement, and funding. Funding being […]

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“We have one of the busiest Italian Restaurants in Las Vegas, and with so many credit card companies coming and going, and with the big banks charging ridiculous fees for the same service Silver State can offer, it was a easy choice for my place...I went with the local guys, Silver State Payments.”

~ Steve M -